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These fun and practical little tips will magnify your energy and get the Law of Attraction sending more LOVE your way whether you’re single or need a little spark in your relationship.

Take out a piece of paper or open up a document on your computer and list out what kind of relationship you would like to have in your life. God/The Universe/Source Energy is always in the details.

The men who met her on the high bridge told stories with more sexual content and were more likely to call her than the men who met her on the low, sturdy bridge. The participant “accidentally” (it was actually an intentional part of the study) overheard the experimenter describe them in one of four ways: all positive; all negative; initially negative but becoming positive, or initially positive but becoming negative.

As you would expect, participants liked the experimenter when the evaluation was completely positive, but, surprisingly, liked the experimenter even more when the evaluation was initially negative but became positive. What is Beautiful is Good Most people assume that being physically attractive is a good thing, but this study shows just how good it can be.

The researchers then looked at where the listed friends lived in the dorms.

When someone lived one door away, there was a 41% likelihood they were listed as a close friend.

Inevitably, current research stands on the shoulders of giants.

Here are some of the “giants” or classic works in attraction research: 1.

In a classic study of friendship formation, researchers asked nearly 300 MIT dormitory residents to list their closest friends.Go to IMDB and search for romantic movies and create a ‘must watch list’.It’s really important to know how good (or not so good) your levels of self-esteem are.This means not talking about ‘him or her’ as much and perhaps getting rid of old love letters or emails that keep you stuck in the past.It’s time to pave the way for a new person to step forward.

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