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My wife knows I love these things because she sees me regularly investing my time and even reorganizing my schedule to fit them in.So it is even more important that she sees me doing exactly the same thing for her.Go hiking, take a yoga class, explore a different part of town, eat at a new restaurant—all of these could create a shared experience that deepens your connection with each other.The truth is, you will spend time on anything you deeply love in life.You may know your spouse is fun and you may know they are your friend, but sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we forget.

When I talk with couples who are struggling in their marriage, I will often ask them, “When’s the last time you went out on a date together?So whether you choose to go out or stay in, spend money or go the cheap route, dress up or go casual, here’s why regular dates with your spouse are key: Do you know how I know this?Because you wouldn’t have married them if they were lazy, boring, and uninteresting.Every good friendship will build on the connection of shared experiences and memories of your time together. If your best memories together are all pre-kids or more than five years ago, you’re in trouble.Go out and do something together—anything—and create a shared experience.

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