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Where our Strict Mistresses are waiting to whip, cane and discipline you live on webcam.

No matter if it is you who has the fantasy of being spanked or you want to see a hot female over someone’s knee live, we have it all on these websites.

3) Stick to the fatty lower part of his butt or his cheeks, and avoid his tailbone.

Glide the toy back and forth across his butt before actually spanking him.

Every so often, give him a firm pinch to prep him for more intense action later on.

' title="image" src=" resize=480:*"Massage is a nice way to prime his (or your) butt pre-spank.

If he's doing the spanking, ask him to occasionally squeeze the cloth, letting warm water drizzle over your butt. Tell him, "Honey, every time I spank you I want you to say, ‘Again, please,' like a good boy.




However this impossible on cam so we improvise and demand you bring certain things into the cam show to use to spank yourself with and to count out how many times you spank yourself hard.

If you're using a flogger (Sportsheets makes good ones), drag it up and over his backdoor in-between smacks. " title="image" class="lazyimage lazyload" data-src=" resize=480:*"A cute way to send the message that you're in the mood for a spanking: Use permanent marker to write something sexy on the backside of your panties, like Spank Me or I've Been Naughty. Since men are visually oriented, it's a huge turn-on for him.

Soak a dish towel in hot water, wring it out, and then twirl it up so he can use it like a whip on you.

If you think you can handle being restrained or told how to restrain your self in a bondage Cams session then step inside the bondage BDSM rooms and begin that training online today with a cruel femdom from all over the world, who enjoy administering pain and pleasure in a live webcam show Get ready to be spanked and paraded online by females who love OTK and laughing at their slaves, sissies dilemma.

We have women who just love to take their bare hand over your fleshy ass just for the fun of it, as well as those who do it for a living.

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