Mumbai dating site mature women

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Just turn your age settings up and see what comes up.FYI, my opening line was 'there is no way you're 41'. Also, her tubes are tied so no reason for a condom.If you see the over 30 lady at the college bar, that's an open invitation.I've had success with two women 10 years older than me and have gotten a few more to the point of talking about meeting up for sex only to have them flake. I'm sure there are a lot more older women on actual dating sites, but at the same time, they're probably on there because they're on a mission to settle down asap.I'm 28 and one of my tinder FWB's is a 41 year old mother of two.She had c-sections and is still surprisingly tight. Honestly better than some of the girls I've been with 20 years younger than her, she's picked up some skills over the years and taught me a thing or two.

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