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However, if your account is connected to other details in any way, it makes sense to improve your security.

Change your password; it’s easy and doesn’t take long.

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This would have shown a hacker who the person was communicating with, the subject of the email and the birth date of the individual.

This is fairly limited information which would be difficult to act on, says Andrew Martin, CEO and founder of cybersecurity company Dyna Risk.

“These people could be targeted with phishing scams pretending to be Microsoft support to encourage the person to install a virus on their PC - which could hold the person to ransom or lead to identity theft.”“Again, the cyber criminal could send scams to the victim tailored to the information they found inside the communication with Microsoft.

For example, if the hacker knew the person was having a problem say upgrading to Windows 10, they could send the victim a ‘free Windows 10 upgrade’ email which would contain a virus.

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