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Mina Jabrowy had indicated the cause of death to be extensive hemorraging resulting from a bullet wound to the left lung.

The bond snag came in the form of objections by Finance Commissioner John D.At Marion, he will be warden of the only Level 6 maximum-security prison among 47 institutions in the federal system.Henman joined the federal prisons bureau March 18, 1983, as a correctional programs analyst in its central office in Washington after-serving as superintendent of the Richmond, Va., Reformatory of the Virginia Department of Corrections.Judge William Lewis found probable cause to try Bridges and set July 14 as a hearing date on any pre-trial motions, with trial set for Aug. Bridges was charged with two counts of aggravated battery and attempted murder in the shooting of Leroy Sanders, 20, of Harrisburg, and unlawful use of weapons.AT THE HEARING, Pelhank outlined the interview with an eyewitness to the shooting, Thomas I^ee Gott, and described the events leading to Bridges’ arrest on April 16, following the incident at p.m. Gott told police that he saw the confrontation between Taylor and Bridges.

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