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While trying to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate, it spills on her top.While taking off the top in front of Katherine, Katherine blurts out “You have to leave! And I realized "Robin, sweetie, you have been barking up the wrong tree". And then I started stripping, and I was surrounded by all these confident, sexy women.The next day, his back is worse and Susan comes home to find Robin walking on his back. When he comes home sore again, Susan offers to help him, because she doesn’t want Robin to do it. Susan tells Robin that she was upset seeing her all over Mike.Robin tells Susan that she wants to remain friends, so she needs to move out.Robin not so subtly invites herself to move in to Katherine’s house.Katherine confides in Robin about how awful it was in the mental hospital.

Katherine has a bizarre dream about Robin in her underwear. Katherine is in denial that she is attracted to Robin.

Susan sells her share of Double Ds, but on the way out the door, she gets friendly with one of the strippers, Robin.

She convinces Robin that she can do more with her life and later, Robin shows up at Susan’s house.

Her doctor thinks Robin is interfering with Katherine’s recovery and that Robin should find a new place to live.

Just as Katherine is about to tell Robin she needs to move out, Robin tells her she got a job!

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