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And, of course, I went through my doubts -- I felt like I wasn't as good as everyone around me. I think what it came down to was I really need to learn more about the dance world and the dance community here in L. I just felt like there was so much to learn about the industry from a dancer's perspective.Not only did I not think I would make it that far, first of all, I never even thought that I would make it on the show. I haven't been inspired to do it lately, but hopefully that time comes. So on top of having to rehearse it a lot for the show, we did it so many times. There was an audition that came through, it was actually not for Lady Gaga, it was for another artist -- the choreographer for Lady Gaga, Laurieann Gibson.I think that it’s not something I have to say or announce, necessarily. I am living a life that I want to be living right now, and I’m not hiding in any way. OUR PREVIOUS POSTS ON MARK KANEMURA: Introducing Mark Kanemura on SYTYCD 4. Is it true that he’s like part Samoan, Japanese, Irish, English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Scottish, English, & Portuguese? If Gev and Mark ever gets paired, the universe will explode because it will be total hotness, no? I hope he gives a great performance in the next episode to shut up those haters who’re saying that he should have been voted out. Maybe all this “boyfriending” reality show contestants isn’t good for them no? Kanemura first graced America's television sets in 2008 as a finalist on FOX's dance competition series, While you'd be hard-pressed to find many of the series' past competitors enjoying anything close to fame, Kanemura hit it big when he landed a gig as a dancer for Gaga at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. He soon danced his way through the videos for 'Telephone,' 'Alejandro,' 'Born This Way,' and 'Judas,' and has been touring with the world's biggest pop star ever since.Based on a recent appearance that featured him dancing one-on-one with Gaga to her latest single, 'The Edge of Glory,' it's safe to assume there's more half-naked Kanemura in our future. They took me to see the show, and I was so blown away. So my parents were always really supportive of what I wanted to do, which was amazing.

There, my googler friends, are the five indicators that make our Mark 100% gay.

Mark Kanemura Boyfriend Update: We jokingly identified Mark as our imaginary reality-TV boyfriend but, in real life, he is actually dating fellow dancer Jeremy Hudson. My two SYTYCD TV boyfriends, Gev Manoukian and Mark Kanemura, get paired with the ladies. I’m sure my good friend Deena who also likes these guys will agree. First, I lost Oliver Pigott, then Gev Manoukian, then Sebastian Pigott, then finally Mark Kanemura.

In an interview with, the hot gay couple reveal how they first met: HOW DID YOUR LOVE STORY START?

SEE MARK'S PHOTO IN OUT100 2011 PORTFOLIO We caught up with the dancer to chat about working with the most famous woman in the world, getting his start on stage, spending a good part of his life in a skirt, and more. They put me in some musical theater classes at a local community theater, and I had an amazing, amazing time.

But then my voice changed, and I went through puberty [].

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