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Each video presents a concept or idea, and then at the end of the video, you are given an exercise to carry out.These exercises are often interactive, requiring you to go out into the world and try something. Once you complete an exercise, you are encouraged to do a write up about what you learned.I also am starting to take complete responsibility for my life, no more excuses to place the blame on something/someone else. The more I continue the easier it gets.”“The most notable improvements for me come from the more direct self improvement area of things.

I feel much more comfortable now and I find myself better able to get dates with people I like.”When you sign up for the blog subscription, you do so risk free.No questions asked.“The biggest improvement I’ve noticed is my ability to genuinely attract high quality people, both men and women.Not only am I meeting and attracting high quality women who I am attracted to, but I’m also forming friendships with high quality men as well.”“It made me realize that many of my relationships in my life were either toxic or superficial.By the end of the course, you should have made significant progress towards improving your love life and your ability to create and maintain strong and healthy relationships. So going through it once may get you 50% of the way there.But going through it twice will get you 90% of the way there. Every member also gets private access to my own little Ft.

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