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The first few minutes of the ride were passed in awkward silence. "So, tell me Hisoka-san, how long will you be staying with Haruhi? But the rest of my family is staying in Tokyo for the last week of summer. And his unique style is because of the fact that we have been all over the world for his military career." Kyoya was about to open his mouth to ask another question, but the car finally stopped.

It's-- It's going to be interesting with my mother considering her condition." Haruhi inquired, "What condition? Honey was the first to get out and was giggling the whole way.

Unfortunately, she gets dragged into a world of mayhem when the Host Club decides to intervene in the cousins' reunion. The week that followed after my arrival seemed to follow into a predictable pattern: I'd wake up every morning at the crack of dawn; do some yoga. Give my opinion to Ranka on his outfit for the day. We'd go around town and shop or just hang out and do something fun.

I wanted you and Haru-chan to come with because it wouldn't be complete without you! I replied first, "They want to take us to some lake house out on the Ashi Lake." He smiled. But grab your bags and put on some shoes before you go." Haruhi and I headed back to her room and to grab my backpack and to put on some more appropriate clothes.

" With the mention of her name, Haruhi appeared in the doorway. "You guys really couldn't give me more than a week with my cousin alone." Honey jumped up and hugged her. Haruhi changed into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, while I changed into a purple tank top and black shorts, along with my green sweater.

Before I could think to turn around and run, the twins shoved me into the car. After some struggling we were able to get to seats and sit comfortably. I'm going to have another sibling." She broke out in a smile and hugged me. I bet you're excited." "Um, nervous actually." One of the twins, Hikaru I think, asked, "What do you have for family? " I jumped slightly at Kyoya's voice but he didn't look up at me. As I understand it your father has a very interesting way of how he designs and builds." I nodded. And you are correct in that my father has an unique way of running everything.

Haruhi was on one side of me while Mori was on the other. Military precision because he spent 15 years in the military.

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