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At this point, class members might be able to suggest other incidents of regional changes such as the impact of war on aii area, the ruptures caused by a natural disaster like a tornado or a flash flood, cultural changes brought about by the mass migrations of human beings, or the adaptations necessary due to the missionary activities of many of the world's religions. With that as background assign, as homework or as an in-class reading, Barney Warfs essay United States Regions and the Global Economy, To provide a guide for study, write this focus question on the chalkboard or overhead projector: What is the key social and economic change that has occurred over the last several decades in each of the five regions Mr. Tell students that their responses will serve as the ba^is for the next class. Ask students to summarize the Warf essay by working with a classmate to complete the "United States Regions Comparison Chart" (Handout 1 ).Tell students that the purpose of the activity is to develop generalizations about each region in the appropriate categories.DOCUMENT RESUME ED 383 623 SO 024 984 AUTHOR TITLE INSTITUTION REPORT NO PUB DATE NOTE AVAILABLE FROM PUB TYPE Martinson, Tom, Ed,; Brooker-Gross , Susan, Ed. Guides - Classroom Use - Instructional Materials (For Learner) (051) — Guides - Clas sroom- Use - Teaching Guides (For Teacher) (052) EDRS PRICE MF01/PC12 Plus Postage.Revisiting the Americas: Teaching and Laarning the Geography of the Western Hemisphere. DESCRIPTORS American Indian History; '''American Indians; Area Studies; ''Tross Cultural Studies; Culture; Ethuic Groups; Foreign Countries; "Geography; '''Latin American Culture; Latin American History; "Latin Americans; North American History; Spanish Culture; Western Civilization IDENTIFIERS North America; South America; Western Hemisphere ABSTRACT This book, issued in observance of the Columbus Quincentennial and on the occasion of the 27th International Geographical Congress, addresses a broad range of contemporary topics including environmental change, dynamics of the world economy, human needs, wants and rights, political order and change, and contemporary cultures.Rubenstein Miami University Oxford, OH Past generations of Americans had little difficulty in recognizing an American car.An American car was big enough to accommodate six passengers and was equipped with a powerful engine, an automatic transmission, and electrical conveniences. National Council for Geographic Education, 16-A Leonard Hall, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA 15705 (.00).

Then have ti\c students develop a set of their own.

" (Sharma) • Section 5, "Voices from the South," contains: (1) "Ciudades Primadas y Regiones en la America Latina" (Elbow); (2) "Buenos Aires: Poblacion, Desarrollo y Future" (Barros) ; and (3) "Los Andes y el Regionalismo en el Ecuador" (Guillen), Contains a selected bibliography and a list of contributors . In addition, primary economic activity has also influenced regional identification, such as agriculture in tlie Great Plains, fishing and ship building in New England, and trade and manufacturing in the Middle Atlantic region. World Economy With that as background, explain that regions tend to change and that they do so for a variety of reasons, but mostly because the ways people perceive and use them change.

(EH) Vc Vf Vf Vc Vc Vc Vc -': Vc V: Vc Vc Vc Vr Vc it Vc ? Remind students that when Columbus encountered the Western Hemisphere, dramatic changes in physical and cultural environments on both sides of the Atlantic resulted.

When the charts are completed, have the students share their information with the other teams.

This can be done through a directed discussion designed to focus on the question students were asked to address as part of their reading assignment.

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