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Numbers nationwide declined drastically after World War II as the DDT pesticide weakened egg shells and harmed reproduction.The ban on DDT and restoration efforts enabled peregrine falcons to be taken off the national endangered species list in 1999.

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On Wednesday, April 17, the web cam showed her sitting on the eggs to shelter them from cold rain.The available information includes:1) A zoomable, scrollable map-based display2) Current traffic conditions on Kansas City metro area's freeways and major surface streets3) Lists of accidents, road construction activities, and other hazards4) Special events that affect traffic (sport events, etc.)5) Closed-circuit television (CCTV) traffic camera images 6) Electronic roadway sign messages The July update solved app loading issues, but didn't solve the problem the app has with syncing info from the same servers that supply the electronic billboards or even the kc scout website.The majority of the time upon starting the app you see spinning wheels vs # of incidents, and when you do see info it's likely out of date..Watching falcons flying or hunting for pigeons has been a pastime for workers in downtown offices since the falcon restoration began. As days pass, the chicks will grow and began walking around the square, composite-material box that serves as a nest.Now, those workers and people around the world will also be able to watch the nest and how life unfolds for young peregrines. Gravel lines the bottom of the box to mimic rock found on cliffs.

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