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Played by David Koechner, he was supposed to be the funnier of the two Macdonald brothers, but would be overcome by fear and freeze on camera and end nearly everything he said with "no".

Because of this, his commentary consisted of choppy, nervously delivered lines such as, "Hey, Janet Reno.

Pesci also spares actors who, like him, are of Italian ancestry and who came to prominence in films about the Sicilian mafia.On one episode hosted by Jim Carrey, Carrey played legendary actor James Stewart, while regular cast member Mark Mc Kinney played Carrey.Pesci and Stewart teamed up to beat up Carrey, with Stewart going on to beat up Pesci himself.Pesci's personality on the show does not so much resemble the real Joe Pesci as it does Tommy De Vito or Nicky Santoro, his characters from Goodfellas and Casino respectively.While interviewing his guests, each guest would invariably, inadvertently say something that Pesci took as an insult.

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