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Starting with a label that has text in it, then setting the text to an empty string works properly.

so thanks for looking at my question, Well anyways im trying to make a cookie clicker clone (if you could call it that) where you click the button and the JPanel updates, unfortunately the JPanel doesn't update and I just cant find an answer anywhere else, Any help is valuable help, thank you!

The humble label is probably one of the most used widgets in the UI designers toolkit so getting to know it inside and out is important.

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In the project I am currently working on I have several pieces of information that I would like to make visible via Jlabel.

If the new information is coming from the another thread however care must be taken to ensure that the update is performed on the Java FX thread.

One way to update the UI from another thread is to use a call to Later passing in a Runnable.

The label has its text property bound to a Simple String Property.

The application then spawns a new thread which simply formats the current time and sets the value of the property.

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