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While it makes the story intriguing, it also makes me wonder why is it important for Jason to travel back through time for Sean.

Especially because his tasks in Tempus Institute is also not clear -- why only observe but not change it? However, as a story from new author, it's quite lovely.

The two girls Daniels is accused of sexually abusing were coached by the mother of one of them, Adams said.“She talked to (one of the girls) at night about what happened.”Daniels, 33, of Lakeland, is accused of abusing the girls, who were 8 and 11 when he was arrested, over several years.

He was taken into custody in April 2015, after one girl's mother walked in on him with her daughter, and contacted authorities.

Adam Scott was born in Santa Cruz, California, the son of Anne and Dougald Scott. Scott has said that his brother David "looks like me but is far more cerebral and inherited the intellect of our parents," both of whom are retired teachers.

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He and Sean quickly become friends and then lovers, and when the song that's haunted Jason for As an agent for the Tempus Institute, Jason Adams’s task is to observe the past, not change it.

The bond between Jason and Sean is so beutifully described, they are both really good guys, and they match each other perfectly.

The fact that everything is a little too perfect and well matched is understandable, after all, this is a 53 page story written for the Time Is Eternity series by Dreamspinner Press. Jason is an agent for the Tempus Institute, someone who travels through time and keeps watch over history.

And I thought that the structure of it, how each episode begins just minutes after the last one ended, it's like watching a three-hour movie.

As an agent for the Tempus Institute, Jason Adams’s task is to observe the past, not change it.

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