Itemupdating read only field

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If you do not want the formatting as part of the value stored, you will need to remove the formatting programmatically.Hi, I need help with the Lin Q and Details View control. Common settings usually include a custom background color, foreground color, and font properties.The Details View control provides several events that you can use to perform a custom action when a record is updated. Private Sub dv Item Detail_Item Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Item Updating Dim db As New my Data Context Dim result = From item In Items _ Where item. Value _ Select New With 'Trying to read new name entered 'Return "" with this method dv. Item(1) 'Null Reference Exception with this method CType(dv. The formatting is then programmatically removed before the value is updated in the data source.Data-bound controls (such as Details View, Form View, and Grid View) have different display modes that allow the user to read, edit, or insert records.

When a data source control that supports updating is bound to a Details View control, the Details View control can take advantage of the data source control's capabilities and provide automatic updating functionality.I use Lin Q for the query and data bind in code-behind to the Details View control. Item Updating event, I get nothing from the Text Box. With the later method, I can only access read-only fields and headers. There is some great documentation on MSDN regarding this.In general, if you need code (custom event handlers/validation) behind your Info Path forms you should use the VSTO Info Path template and create a project alongside your workflow project.

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