Is kim richards dating realtor

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Crossley is reportedly suing Richards for unspecified damages following the alleged attack.

In fall 2011, Kyle Richards met the President and First Lady.

Unfortunately, their pedigree may also be where some of Kim's deep-seated issues began as well. Kim and Kyle Richards are related to none other than the Hiltons.

Serving most recently as Vice President of Production for two different studios, Jonathan was responsible for finding and shepherding projects through all stages of production., author Jerry Oppenheimer alleges that Kim and Kyle Richards, along with half-sister Kathy Hilton, were encouraged by mom Kathy Dugan to find rich husbands when they were kids.That pressure from their mom stuck: when Kim's first husband, G.This is one of the reasons that Glanville has been at odds with friend Lisa Vanderpump, since Lisa has become close with Scheana, who is her employee.In any event, the mistress who ended Glanville’s marriage was Le Ann Rimes, who wound up marrying Cibrian.

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