Invalidating cache at path corden dating

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The coordinator propagates the invalidation request to other cluster members.

To obtain the list of URLs for addition objects, send another preview request with a different Invalidation requests can originate from a Web site's underlying application logic or from the content management application used to design Web pages.

Instead, if the requested object is not cached by that cache or by cluster members with the same version of the configuration, Oracle AS Web Cache forwards the request to the origin server.

When the cache cluster members are not running the same version of Oracle AS Web Cache, you can still invalidate objects, and you can propagate the invalidation to other cluster members, but the invalidation message must originate from the cache that is operating with the earlier version of Oracle AS Web Cache.

To obtain the list of URLs for addition objects, send another preview request with a different example.

The advantage of using one of these interface is that the administrator is isolated from the intricacies of the HTTP and XML formats, and consequently, there is less chance for error.

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