Intimidating parliament

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He has over 150 convictions, ranging from fraud to armed robbery to kidnapping.In 1998, he teamed up with murderer Graeme Burton and some others to burst out of Paremoremo prison, made it 200 kilometres, and then hid in a fancy Coromandel holiday home.If the Supreme Court sides with Taylor, it would solidify this new power, allowing the higher courts to freely make decisive judicial acknowledgments that Parliament has erred, and demand that it do better.It would be a strong move from a branch of government long seen as a weaker younger sibling to our overbearing Parliament - and a huge win for Arthur Taylor.If Taylor could get the courts to acknowledge that there was an unjustifiable violation of rights, it would be a sizeable moral victory - strengthening attempts to get Parliament to change the law back to what it was.So Taylor went to court, alleging that banning prisoners from voting was an unjustifiable limitation of the right - contained in the NZ Bill of Rights Act - of all people over 18 to vote.

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The Supreme Court has heard the arguments from both sides, and is now deciding whether to uphold it once more.But this time, instead of running away from the legal system, he’s tackling it head on.Taylor has been serving his current sentence since 2006, and is imprisoned at Waikeria.Only 52 percent of Parliament supported the law banning prisoners from voting - nowhere near the 75 percent of Parliament required by Section 268.If the Supreme Court accepted that the prisoner voting ban was essentially an amendment to Section 74, the Supreme Court could strike the ban down as an invalid piece of law.

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