Internet dating psychopaths

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Though they may learn to fake it convincingly, they do not feel genuine emotion.

As a result, many psychopaths become criminals, because they cannot be guided by an emotion-driven moral compass.

Brain scans of known psychopaths and serial killers show a significantly thinner amygdala than normal brain scans.

The amygdala is responsible for a number of emotion-related functions, most significantly fear—as a result, psychopaths don't feel fear, or empathize with their victim's fear.

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But there's a lot more to these criminals than a desire to kill—some of these facts about serial killers and psychopaths may surprise you.

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They blame others for their mistakes, and often use this as justification for their crimes.

Gary Ridgeway, who confessed to the murder of almost 100 women and girls in the United States, blamed human weakness for his crimes, once claiming that his actions followed an ingrained philosophy that "might makes right."Neuroscience has been able to provide us with some enlightening facts about serial killers and psychopaths.

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