Insufficient base table information for updating

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I only update one field of table B, should I update all the table B primary key, even I do not need update those fields? so i made a instead of trigger (insert/update) to accomplish this, this seems to work for the insert but not on the updates, in delphi it gives me this error, but but when i do it on the sql query analyser it works (updateing the view). The grid is not editable of course because the data source is too complex. There are a couple of instances on this form where I need to refresh the dataset. Too many rows were affected by update" The only way to recover (try except does not work), is to shut down the app and restart.

bye, Helmut Keith, I don't know if this will help or not but would the Update Criteria property help here? Just trying to help, brian -- Got a big event coming up? For more visit and of I fine my easily Thanks Brian. I was trying to avoid that because it means that I also have to run several lines of code to reposition the selected grid row and such on that grid and then on the 2 detail grids. Well I decided to get fancy and try and load two combos at once. I am building an Application form and a few of the combo options that apply to the applicant also apply to the spouse (ie. So I figured what the HEY since they are coming from the same table I'll load the Applicants combo and the Spouse's all at the same time. As proof of my dum-dum move here is the code: Public Sub Load Combos()Dim ado Combo As ADODB. I find it more efficient, and you are not dealing with default properties or the a bang either. I'm one to drop use of syntax that is there for "Backward compatibility"Just my opinion. Also if duplication existed in any of the tables when I load them individually the error would still occur wouldn't it? I have just been away from this thread because I lost my hdd and thus had to start my VB project over form scratch. I also had one day’s work to make up but that was not so bad. When I get better at this I know that the light bulb will come on and I will see the wisdom of your words. Connection String = "Provider=SQEDB.1; Integrated Security=SSPI; Persist Security Info=False; Initial Catalog=Northwind; Data Source=My SQLServer" conn. Value property when returning just the field values (when accessing more properties, a using field object variable is also more efficient)? Also if you start using full notation you can start using shortcuts like Dim fld as ADODB. Fields("Last Name")and use fld to access it in a loop which is MUCH faster. Two thoughts came to my little mind, maybe the loading of two combo boxes was causing the appearance of duplication.

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