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They advertise as a cocktail bar and have a wall full of different bottles, but the staff didn’t seem to know much anything about cocktail making..even bother to say hello when we arrived to the almost empty bar. After seeing good reviews on Trip Advisor, we decided to try out this bar just around the corner from our hotel. When we arrived we didn't fancy going out too far so looked for bars close by and came across back doors. Our bartenders are really perfect and all the times are trying to find the right drink for each visitor. Team Back Doors Came here for dinner and a few cocktails. We had 3 starters, 4 mains, a bottle of sparkling wine and at least 12 cocktails all for CZK3200.

Superb range of drinks (Although not happy with the reduced cocktail menu compared to a few years back - it used to be a hard-back book, now more of a leaflet.) I dont get why they want to... Great music being played - sometimes table service was a little slow as only one waitress but drinks were good and reasonably priced Me and my girlfriend came to Prague for a weekend trip. Thanks for visiting us and your beautiful feed back.

Imagine you're a burglar casing a house for a potential robbery.

You see a "Protected by…" security sign staked in the front lawn and Ring doorbell camera.

To compound the problem, Trojans sometimes exhibit a worm-like ability to replicate themselves and spread to other systems without any additional commands from the cybercriminals that created them. Emotet got its start in 2014 as an information stealer, spreading across devices and stealing sensitive financial data.

Since then Emotet has evolved into a delivery vehicle for other forms of malware.

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Much like the Trojan horse of ancient Greek literature, computer Trojans always contain a nasty surprise.Once cybercriminals have their foot in the door, they might employ what's known as a rootkit.A rootkit is a package of malware designed to avoid detection and conceal Internet activity (from you and your operating system).“A backdoor refers to any method by which authorized and unauthorized users are able to get around normal security measures and gain high level user access (aka root access) on a computer system, network, or software application.” Let's start by figuring out how backdoors end up on your computer to begin with. Either the backdoor comes as a result of malware or by an intentional manufacturing (hardware or software) decision.Backdoor malware is generally classified as a Trojan.

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