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While many cultural remnants of the native people still exist, very few Honduran Indians retain their original languages.Afro- and Anglo-Antilleans who migrated to Honduras more than 100 years ago from Caribbean islands occupy the north coast and the Bay Islands.A third region is La Costa Norte, the north coast, including the Islas de la Bahía just offshore.Minority cultures make up a considerable proportion of the population.

Between January and May the verano, or dry period, occurs, and invierno, the wet season, extends from June to December.Almost all of the major rivers flow into the Caribbean Sea, reflecting the distribution of the highest mountains in the west and the origins of the moisture-laden winds from the east coast.They are the Ulúa, Aguán, Negro, Plátano, Patuca, and, on the Nicaragua border, the Río Coco, the longest in Central America.The lands surrounding the mouth and lower course of the Plátano River in La Mosquitia are designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, a protected refuge for an unusually diverse plant and animal community.Among themselves Hondurans are known affectionately as catrachos.

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