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Boris Johnson raised the stakes against Tory rebels last night by promising to remove the whip from any who vote to block a no-deal Brexit and ban them from standing as a Conservative candidate at the next election.

The prime minister issued the threat as opposition leaders and some Tories...

Not least: Miguel Angel Lopez’s on-again-off-again relationship with the red jersey, Nico Roche’s three-day stint with the same, Nairo Quintana’s early aggression, and most recently, the brilliance of …

Grande gara di #Nazionale Ciclismo🇮🇹 nell' XCO #U23 💙 #Gioele De Cosmo chiude in sesta posizione, 12esimo #Simone Avondetto 👏👏👏 🥇 Vlad Dascalu 🇷🇴 🥈 Filippo Colombo 🇨🇭 🥉 Vital Albin 🇨🇭 #MSA2019 Jf Heg LOT Giornata dura per #Nazionale Ciclismo Jrs🇮🇹a #MSA2019: #Davide Toneatti 2 forature, #Andrea Colombo caduta e ritiro, #Adreas Vittone in lotta per l'oro con Aldridge🇬🇧 finisce a terra, rompe il cambio, ma chiude lo stesso sul podio. " Nqns OGn Si ferma ai piedi del podio la rincorsa di #Luca Braidot nel #Team Relay a Mont-Sainte-Anne🇨🇦 ai Campionati del Mondo MTB dopo la caduta, nella prima frazione, di #Simone Avondetto.

High street pharmacies in England will offer on-the-spot heart health checks from next month as part of plans to save 150,000 lives over the next decade.

The drive by NHS England to reduce the number of people suffering heart attacks and strokes involves a “rapid detection service” through which shoppers will be offered free health checks...

Some ravening bureaucrat decreed that the four-way hazards and brake lights should flash whenever the brakes were applied, which was a ludicrous idea because you couldn’t tell if a braking bus was slowing to enter a bus stop or to turn left or right.

Thankfully, this ridiculousness seems to have been addressed, and the flashing lights that come on with the brakes are now additional to the normal brake lights and indicators.

Normal custom and practice, perhaps, but unless It Is Written, it isn’t the Law.

The basic idea is that children can cross the road to and from a school bus without being hit by cars overtaking the bus.

I was going to have a rant about this a couple of years ago, but decided not to because it seems the legality of and penalty for passing one of these bus-mounted STOP signs depends on which US state you’re in. Reported in 7DAYS, it seems a seventeen-year-old got off her school bus in Dibba Fujairah and was hit by a car. My understanding from the newspaper story, inferred from the bus driver being detained and questioned by the police, is that the bus was at the roadside when the collision occurred. It’s very easy for the police and the courts to come down on the driver who hit a pedestrian crossing the road with a “You passed a school bus showing its STOP sign. You are culpable.” But where is the requirement to stop enshrined in law? Is it a legal requirement in the UAE to stop behind one of these buses?

The stakes are high as Dublin are seeking to add further weight to their status as they attempt to attempt to complete five-in-a-row.

So, today we want to know: Will you watch the All-Ireland final today?

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