Good looking thai women for dating

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During that trip, I met a wonderful Thai girl who I ended up traveling with around the country for a bit.

We visited the southern islands, headed up to Chiang Mai and wrapped up our trip in Bangkok.

I once visited a remote village in the north of the country and ended up meeting a cute girl. So, here’s an example of a quality traditional girl that wasn’t exposed to foreigners all that much (although she did speak decent English).

In cities like Bangkok, you’ll find many of the women to be equivalent to Western women, along with some of the negative traits you’re already used to back home: entitled, bitchy, materialistic, etc.

Much like in the US, I like to abide by the “3-day rule” when dating Thai women.

If by the 3rd date, the woman isn’t willing to get “intimate” with you, there’s a good chance she’s just using you for attention and wasting your time.

Men only “friend” women who they’ve either already had sex with or who they want to sleep with.

The village girl that I referred to earlier, we went to a local joint and had some Thai noodles. Even in Bangkok, I certainly wouldn’t take a girl to some fancy restaurant for our first date. Plus, it would weed out the gold diggers who are only looking to fleece your wallet and nothing more.

For a second date, suggest something as simple as a walk somewhere or, depending on how things are going between the two of you, perhaps invite her back to your house to watch Netflix or something.

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