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Kim will teach us how to stop the creepy tracking from robo-emails and how to stop images from automatically loading in the background.

He blogs regularly on matters pertaining to publishing, self-publishing and writing.That way, next time you accidentally send that work email to your boss regarding something embarrassing, there’s a way to reverse that mistake.If you are worried that someone might be snooping on you, you’re not alone. There are ways to check and make sure there’s no creeping going on with your computer. For example, you can check recent items to see traces of documents that have been opened. It seems like everyday there is a long list of emails waiting for you to reply., (and the subsequent film starring Ewan Mc Gregor), and thanks to the openness of celebrities like Katie Price, Keith Richards and the Beckhams, a lot of people now know that we exist, but there is still a great deal of confusion about what it is we actually do.I receive two or three emails or phone calls a day from people who think they might need a ghostwriter, either for fiction or non-fiction, but who aren’t quite sure how the system works.

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