Gay bear dating sites

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Now, there are also big pieces of trash regarding these dating and get-together sites that would be quite a waste of time to visit and spend even the least time on.

Owned by some fucker who calls himself Buddy Bear, a gay chat and personals website known as bear411is not a very reputable one, and now you will have a chance to learn about all the reasons why it is like that.

I think this is very upsetting, and I do not say this because of the money, but because it is really not professional to change your mind like that. I just do not get what the deal is with users not being able to shut down their accounts, and I find it even worse that this bastard actually puts their pictures on other places without them even being familiar with this.

You will probably feel very surprised to hear that there are many inactive or abandoned profiles of people who once used to have a membership here after receiving all this information.

For some reason, a lot of people complained about their free membership getting more expensive than 0$, as they expected it to be because it is what they read.

There is another lousy thing I just have to point out.

For some reason, once you become a member, you only get to use the site every second day. Let’s bring a bunch of hot muscly dudes together, and let some of them use their accounts on days 1, 3 and 5, while the rest of them use theirs on days 2, 4 and 6 and you have a real Romeo and Juliet crap here.

You can try to reach the webmaster, but it looks like he ignores people who do not want other motherfuckers to jerk off to their pics anymore.

In addition, there were plenty of complaints after some people found out their pics had also been added to some other sites without them even knowing.

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