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This side of the community has declined over the course of time, likely as a result of lexicon's removal in December 2015, to the point that it has dwindled to a small, if not tiny base of remaining players.Towards the end of lexicon's life, abuse ran rampant.Forum registration is free and anyone can sign up — users younger than 13 years of age require their parent or legal guardian's consent for participation submitted via fax or mail. Community forum accounts are tied to 2.5.1 and older.Those wishing to play multiplayer in the old free game must first create an account on this database.

Despite its size, the forum is generally welcoming and friendly towards newcomers.Players centered around the new and updated game: 2.7 and above.This side of the community can be mixed, if not unpredictable where strangers are concerned, but it is pleasant enough for those at least familiar with one another; like any other gaming community, it has its fair share of good and bad players.The same e-mail address in use by their 2.7 game account may be used for their forum/2.5 account.The Wolf Quest community is divided into three separate user bases.

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