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Thomson Cruises is offering an exclusive deal for Mirror readers on the SS Emerald including a cabin upgrade worth over pounds 100 p.

The whole experience is designed around one activity: sex talk.

So I'm feeling pretty intensely it's time to remind myself why I'm lucky to be single.

It's a simple and effective method of connecting people with similar sexual interests.

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And if not us, make sure to take proper precautions.

All my friends right now are getting married or starting families, and I'm feeling the pressure to get on the same track, but that's not me.

You will have plenty of choice in terms of which chat rooms to use for your sex talk, as it is a popular service and has been for many years, but you want to make sure you are choosing the best of the best, and that is Adult!

Through chat rooms you can connect on a more impactful level to find deep sexual compatibility for the hottest hookups of your dreams.

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