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The lights were out but she had a couple of candles lit so I could see she was just wearing her sexy lingerie as I walked through the front door which she'd been hiding behind.She shut the door and I pushed her… Read more I had been chatting with guy from FB for several months.So my husband asked me to talk him into coming here. All characters are adults in this story line and are freely experimenting with their fetishes and fantasies. Standing according to height they quickly dropped to their knees in Nadu position.The Dream You and your buddy and I and or your home. Then quickly leaned over and placed their four heads on the floor and crossed the w… Read more Hi Y’all, A story of a very exciting adventure I had just this morning as I was driving for Uber. LOLA: Yes, daddy ------… Read more This true story is about the SSBBW Emily and I. She has no mobility problems and despite being really big she does not have the typical breathing problems or other issues large people have.I was ready for some fun if any presented itself or at least some good tips from those who enjoyed such an open display of sexuality. She was surprised to see Katie's pajamas on the floor, and Katie, fully nude, lying on the bed. Jill could not help but notice how tone and trim Katie's body was.I’d been sitting outside the Denny’s right by Sea Tac Airport waiting to be notified about an Uber pickup. Jill watched from the door as Katie sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes, clearly not aware that Jill was watching her.He bade several good night, nodding politely and offering tidbits of encouragement to those who were prone to attending only occasionally.

What she didn't know was every month I couldn't wait to get sent to that… Read more This is about a girl that I used to see regularly about a year or so ago I met on tinder.

I was wearing a sundress that went to just above my knees, had shoulder straps and showing plenty of cleavage from my wonder-bra. As mentioned in a previous story Emily is the building manager at my mother in law's retirement apartment complex. She is in her 60s, about 5' tall with true, natural blond hair as I found out later. For those that do not know SSBBW stands for Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman. He… Read more The next morning after showering and getting dressed Jill decided to go and check on Katie.

I also had on sandals and an anklet on my right leg (with a small BBC charm on it) and no panties. Jill was a bit surprised that she wasn't awake yet. " Jill tapped lightly on the bedroom door, pushing it open just enough to see in.

" "You may recall you offered me a coffee when I stopped you fro breaking the law. I had a car to my disposal, lots of time and tinder at that place worked like crazy.

Mike here." "Oh hi Mike, yes I do need you to come over but just now is not convenient. "… Read more Jack, my gay flat mate and myself were off to a drag night party, all guests had to be dressed in fem gear, easy peasy, so we thought. neither of u… Read more Been chatting with a young couple for past several weeks.

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