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ALWAYS many new faces at every meet alongside the regulars.We also post regular community events run by other London bi groups (events titled with "[other group]") to publicise them, or for relevant external events (Bi Con, Pride etc.), and as a member you can suggest your own event ideas for us or tell us of relevant events we should check out (but don't spam us/promote commercial media events without checking with organisers first). If you have a commercial event to advertise - talk to me first (organiser John), spam will not be tolerated - we'll block & remove everything asap.Opening Doors, Lo Shearing and their Bi Survivor's Network/Stitch Bi Stitch).There will also be food and drink (including limited edition Bi Pride UK cocktails and mocktails).Many tools are useful in other contexts too, so helping here (or knowing of existing tools) can help other community-support groups too.Its high time we had a hackathon to do bi activism, a.k.a.If so, either you can run them or an organiser may help (if they have the time/motivation); best if you have previously attended other (of our own) events, so you can gauge the atmosphere and expectations.We also publicise, attend, and even work on, the largest local/national bi events and prides like Bicon, Pride in London's yearly parade, London Bi Fest, and Croydon Pride(fest).

Current project: Having just paraded at Pride in London on July 6 with the largest ever bi group there, with (world's first) large (5 meter) pansexual pride flag, huge bi flag and star (bi) guests, ( https://parade./ https://fund.), we'll be the bi group at Croydon Pride, & hopefully at Waltham Forest Pride too. from us, or donate at an event via card/cash, or via our ko-fi at (or even Pay Pal directly, by request).

The panels plan to include ones on: * BAME (black and minority ethnicities) & Bisexuality * Bi Community (John G is on this one) * Gender Diversity * Bisexuality online/in the media (with our Pride in London guest star Irene) * Bi at ages 60 We'll bring our huge bi and pan pride flags from Pride! But to (optionally) donate, or ensure your tickets (again, free), here is the eventbrite event to sign up for: https://

We have our own stall there for London Bi Meetup (see the Community Village area), with stuff for sale - planning for more of our unique bi umbrellas (the first batch sold out back at Pride in London); please volunteer to help look after it for an hour or two during the day (especially 5.30 to 6.30 when John is on a panel about community and groups,events). invite=&err=29&referrer=londonbi Travel: The Round chapel is a 10 minute walk from Hackney Central, 12 minutes from Hackney Downs and 15 minutes from Homerton.

Technology and internet services and platforms are a mainstay of the LGBT community's infrastructure.

So one thing that you and the rest of the community can do apart from donating funds, showing up, and giving time, is to help provide technology and tools to make groups' lives easier, or help on specific campaigns/activism/administration tools.

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