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Thank god the Cartoon Network has some brains and kept the show alive in re-runs during its dark days.

Episodes Aired Before Fox Canceled It: 16 (1 unaired)Fox really knows how to recognize the talent behind its shows, doesn’t it?

Fox then cancels the series after a handful of episodes because the ratings did not climb fast enough for the impatient, small-minded execs at Fox.

Imagine if a classic, long-running show like Seinfeld had aired on Fox (which actually almost happened) instead of another network. The network manages to find and purchase some of the most imaginative shows on television, and then proceeds to sentence them to a quick execution to the horror of the viewing audience.

Seinfeld, which didn’t become a ratings sensation until after a few seasons on NBC, probably would have died a quick death on Fox. And then think about all the great series that Fox did axe before really giving a chance to catch on and build an audience. Even worse, Fox itself often sabotages its own shows by poor and erratic scheduling.

But still, they only got FOUR episodes to get used to the show before it was canceled? Episodes Aired Before Fox Canceled It: 4 (2 unaired)Fox just does not like Nathan Fillion, as he starred in two shows on this list.As the series progressed, she met her counterpart, Jack Harper (played by Jason Priestly), who worked against her in a classic battle of fate vs. Before more could be revealed about the show’s mysteries, Fox axed Tru Calling, even dickishly refusing to air the last episode filmed.Episodes Aired Before Fox Canceled It: 49 (1 unaired)Whether you think the show is still hilarious or jumped the shark after its resurrection, this daring cartoon about a dysfunctional family in Rhode Island managed to do something pretty much no TV show had done before – escape the certain death of cancellation and come back in full force for several more seasons of episodes. Because the DVD sales made Fox bucketloads of money.His character in Drive was involved in an illegal cross-country race in which competitors drove muscle cars in the hopes of winning a million prize – although some drivers were forced into the race.Fox canned the show just as the race got started in spite of decent viewership that was apparently not good enough for Fox’s impossibly high standards.

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