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In terms of engagement, Flurry says that the frequency of consumers checking mobile dating apps contributes to the growth in time spent per day in mobile dating apps.

Last year, the average user opened a dating app 2 times per day, a little under 2 minutes each time.

Considering this data, it seems that there’s a huge market opportunity in mobile dating and incorporating local and location-based functionality.

And it’s a trend that startups such as Like ALittle has caught onto.

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A 2007 survey reported 1 in 7 Americans knew a relatively stable couple who had met online. In fact, when someone in my practice is single and they don't at least try a site or two I begin to think they may be expressing some ambivalence, unaddressed sexual conflicts, fractured self-esteem, fears of change, or other intimacy issues.

Flurry reports that mobile dating apps command more time compared to online dating sites.

On average, 8.4 minutes are spent in mobile dating apps vs. And a year ago, people spent twice as much time on the Internet for dating as they now do in mobile apps.

I was preparing for presentation at a conference at the William Alanson White Institute titled "Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Dating, Mating and Procreating In 21st Century America." My talk about online dating was, no surprise, on a panel about "Dating." Other panelists talked about adolescent sexuality in "hooking-up" culture and how people use the Internet at various stages of coming-out.

Since then I've gotten a few requests for copies of the talk and have decided to post the unabridged version for those who might be interested.

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