Firmware updating android

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Samsung removed the Bixby key on the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 and gave the power button dual functionality.

In the process, they changed the way you power off the phone and made taking screenshots a bit tricky.

You can easily send high-quality videos to i Phone users, so don't feel handicapped without access to i Message.

Sending high-resolution videos to i OS users is easy with this fast video-sharing method.

As you already know, the Galaxy Note 10 and 10 have gotten rid of the beloved audio jack (RIP).

One of these is the new AR Doodle mode, a feature that will make your videos pop.

The lazy way is to delete your way back to the last word.

The slightly better approach is to delete the one letter and retype it. Being an Android user and having friends who are in the Apple ecosystem does not need to be a pain.

The most noticeable change is the fact that there are four distinct variants.

But Samsung also turned the power button on the Note 10 into a Bixby key, which means powering the phone off or rebooting it is a bit different.

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