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Open Source means that you get the source, but that there is no formal support organisation to help you when things go wrong. These messages exchange structured information between SOAP systems.

Messages consist of one or more SOAP elements inside an envelope, Headers and the SOAP Body.

It is also useful to have written a simple web application, as this will give you some knowledge of how HTTP works, and how Java application servers integrate with HTTP.

You may find the course notes from Mastering the World Wide Web useful in this regard, even though Axis is only introduced in lecture 28.

Note also that Axis client and server requires Java 1.3 or later.

Axis handles the magic of converting Java objects to SOAP data when it sends it over the wire or receives results.Things you need to know before writing a Web Service: Axis and SOAP depends on all these details.If you don't know them, Axis (or anyone else's Web Service middleware) is a dangerous place to learn.[If you are installing Tomcat, get the latest 4.1.x version, and the full distribution, not the LE version for Java 1.4, as that omits the Xerces XML parser].Other servlet engines are supported, provided they implement version 2.2 or greater of the servlet API.

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