Emily procter adam rodriguez dating

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Assume they must some idea since he would be the only one to supply them with the data.... Click Here Even taking into account, Steve is taller in this photo, but we don't know the footwear.

Then again, on his myspace profile, it states that he's is 187 cm - that's about 6'2 or maybe 6'1½ - but its hard to say. Then, you have him with Lionel Richie, who's billed at 5'11"1.

He’s sweet….” Surveying his CSI’s motivations, Rodriguez notes that Delko has always been game for romance with Calleigh, while she has expressed reservations based on past relationships gone sour.

“I like to think of us as the of broadcast television,” Procter says with a laugh. ’ — and I’m always as drawn in as the people who watch the storylines.

The catalyst for this storyline was planted earlier in the season, when Calleigh helped a pre-teen boy and his sister with the transition to foster care after she put their father in prison. “But it’s definitely along the lines of, ‘I’m willing to commit to taking this on with you, if you want me to.'” Again with the “if you want me to”! “We have been [CSIs] together for 10 years, so it would nice to see that familiarity at work and then to have a relationship along with it.” Adds Rodriguez: “I’m hoping that it goes somewhere, that it’s not what we’ve typically done in the past, just nibbling at things and never really taking a bite.

said on 23/Apr/15Rob, Can you take a nother serious look at this one?said on 14/Jan/08In the CSI Miami episode Killer Date #20 from season 3, Eric Delko has some prints run and some of them turned out to be his own.When the match shows up, it states that he is 6'1 and weighs 190 lbs.Also, Horatio tries to protect one of the women from a man who was spying on them by a window.The cameras are rolling for the finale of the reality show The Marrying Kind: bachelor Neil Palmer rejects Kaitlin Sawyer in favor of Grace Carlson.

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