Elucidating the reservoir effect radiocarbon dating

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One talk examined more effective ways of targeting the adaptive immune system in patients with multiple sclerosis, another looked at how we can inhibit an innate immune signaling receptor involved in the assembly of inflammasome protein complexes—which ordinarily helps protects us from pathogens but can also spring into action when there is not threat, with disastrous results.

Three years ago, researchers from the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine in Charlottesville discovered a central nervous system lymphatic pathway able to carry both fluid and immune cells from the cerebrospinal fluid.

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The human brain contains 100 billion neurons—with 100 trillion connections.

According to Tansy, it could be that infection or some other assault in the gut might trigger inflammatory responses that then upregulate levels of alpha-synuclein in surrounding nerve cells that are part of the enteric system.

“We are trying to define what causes alpha-synuclein aggregate so it can be used as a model for developing potential drugs that modulate it,” said Tansey.

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