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Furthermore, it has a trump card, and that card is Bill Murray. It’s more of a teen drama, which might be what confused people into giving it such a low score. It’s about a group of teens who meet in a chatroom and, basically, bully and torture one another, but because it’d be really dull to watch people sitting around typing, the chatrooms are depicted as actual rooms.Whenever the action threatens to sag, in comes a world-weary Murray to belt out a couple of lines and pump life back into the thing. Once you get the hang of the conceit, it’s very watchable – maybe because Aaron Johnson, star of features a serial killer who only targets virgins.(Traditionally, virgins are safe from serial killers, since serial killers are obviously very concerned with outdated morality.) Cue an orgy, as all the town’s teenagers attempt to lose their virginity at once.It’s not quite as X-rated as that makes it sound, though; actually, it downplays the actual sex in favour of talking about it a lot.

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You wouldn’t be proud of getting six out of ten on most kinds of tests, would you?

But it’s the surprisingly witty script that gives 5.9 stars It’s weird how many people just don’t seem to get horror comedy.

This New Zealand movie sees genetically engineered sheep turning into mutated killers – and the only people who can stop them running riot are a couple of environmental protesters and a sheep-phobic former farmer. But it’s also really fun, and funny, and even occasionally scary.

But it’s a film that’s still talked about over a decade later, even when many of Carrey’s sizeable hits aren’t., a marvellously over-the-top film that basically tells the story of The Village People.

Critically derided on its release, and offering several solid reasons as to why it’s not liked.

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