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She inspired to be a basketball wife, but after a sudden life changing event she was forced to relocate to the ‘Black Hollywood,’ Atlanta!She dreaded leaving the love of her life behind but success was the only thing on her mind and she was willing to do whatever or fuck whoever to get where she needed to be.Instead of being able to focus on his season with the Wizards, Howard will have this accusation hanging over his head and likely weighing him down.Masin Elije is an author and gay man who claims to have dated NBA star Dwight Howard in the past.The author made the bombshell announcement in a Twitter thread on Saturday evening.In a series of tweets, some of which included photos and screengrabs, Elije alleged that he was “sexually harassed, threatened and manipulated” by Howard and his camp, including by his pastor, Calvin Simmons.

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(Ain’t no girl gon ask you this) pic.twitter.com/JMfh Pb UJL0— Masin Elijè (@Masin Elije) November 25, 2018 ​​Elije faced a wave of backlash and questioning from people on Twitter following her decision to out Howard, and she had some rather interesting answers about how these messages came to finally hit the twitterverse. Yes, we spoke on our finsta’s but he’d often hit me from his real account too.Elije then told Howard to contact him on his “finsta”, a Fake Instagram account he used to make sure that their information wouldn’t leak.Elije wrote that things “escalated quickly” between the two of them, that they exchanged nude pictures, and that they began talking every night on Instagram chat.You always gotta have your own back FIRST and look what happened his PASTOR is threatening my life, someone who is supposed to encourage and uplift.https://t.co/3Ca RWyub Rz— Masin Elijè (@Masin Elije) November 25, 2018 Elije came forward with these claims so as not to be thrown to the wayside like many of Howard's other ex's.

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