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Of course over time what they mean to me has changed, but I had an early introduction to his music and have been a fan ever since.

Some standout moments (are) playing poker with him and the crew in a hotel on a night off in Duluth, MN. Another was being able to introduce him to my dad and then having John ask my dad to join us to play Paradise at the end of the show that night. A: There’s a song in everything you look at, everything you feel.

I’ll give you a hint, she wears red boots, and she’s crazy ‘bout Elvis. The summer that The Missing Years came out I was 13 years old.

Tom Petty and Mike Campbell are all over that record, by the way. Even at that age I loved the quirky imagery and really felt the songs and questioned what they were about.

If I have a pocket of time with nothing on the go, which happens maybe once or twice a year, you’ll probably find me in the shop making a pair of boots. as part of the Songwriters in the Round at the King Eddy, 9 p.m.

Around this time last year I just happened upon a BBC transmission (which I know was also shown in other parts of the world on different networks) which featured U2 accompanied by a full orchestra and choir performing a mixture of old and new tracks at Abbey Road studios in London.

Now – I am a long-time U2 fan, though my enthusiasm for them has varied from all-out ecstasy (Joshua Tree et al) to solid respect and admiration (throughout more recent years).

They have written some of my favourite ever songs – those to which I return again and again.

I am a massive fan of The Edge as a guitarist and of Bono both for his wonderful voice and for his passion.

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