Double dating calendar

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In those cases individual items are being created on the other device which could be seen as new items during the next sync process and thus cause duplicates.For meeting invitations and updates, the origin usually lies with having your mobile device configured to collect only your email directly over-the-air and the mobile device also being capable of processing incoming meeting requests.Any sheet or report containing at least one date column (more on date columns in our Column Types article) can be displayed as a calendar by clicking the Calendar View button on the toolbar.You can either insert a new column, setting the column type to date or change an existing column's type to date.

It may happen that a calendar does not properly fit the page when printed.You can edit rows from the Calendar View by double-clicking on the calendar bar.The Edit Row form appears, enabling you to edit all cells in the row.Switch back to Calendar View and select your new date column in the Calendar Settings form.At this time there isn't a way to schedule a task to take place at a certain time, only a certain date.

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