Does dating affect your grade

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That was my way of expressing my love, through service. Then, I did not notice that I am starting to take myself, my friends, my family and even my studies for granted. I even forgot to leave something for me just to make the most of all the time that we were together. Everything was devastated, my grades, my school performances, my relation to my friends and especially to myself. She was really the last person I was thinking that I would share what I was feeling that time. Suddenly, I burst into tears and cried and explained everything to her. I am already busy in my career and also with my studies. I was just the one who submitted everything to him.

He was then happy and thankful because his grades got higher and his performances as a student did well. I did not want to stay too much time with my circle of friends. I was too focused on him that I was not able to balance the things around me. It was as if I was hanging on a cliff and nobody was there to be brave to save me. I should explain everything; for sure she could understand me. That time, what I really needed was someone to listen and understand me. I just decided to make myself busy in my studies so that it would be easy for me to forget all the pain. Although, I still wanted him back, but it was really over and I must respect that. I wanted this time to make my grades better and prove to myself and to my mother that I could survive all these pains and heartaches and start myself anew. Thus, being in a relationship is my least priority. Maybe, that was the reason my grades got affected because I was too overwhelmed with the feeling that I focused more on him. I remembered that I was just the one who supported him on his school stuffs.

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According to the University of Florida IFAS Extension as Welton, Rose (2014) cited on her article that teenagers face a strong pressure to date form peers and they might not be emotionally prepared to handle the demands of a relationship.The joy and the pain I had encountered caused me to be distracted. Barbara Greenbergy on the same article of Welton (2014) that teen might neglect friendships while in a dating relationship that might cause her to lose the peer support system.This has a negative impact on the grades if the relationship ends badly that might cause her to become alienated from some friendships and making it hard for her to enjoy anymore the concept of going school.When you are in the situation that you are much innocent and ignorant, you are not in control of everything.Putting mind over heart is the most difficult thing to do.

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