Does carbon dating work dinosaurs internet dating ratio of men to women

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Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss told RSR's Bob Enyart ( that 14c in allegedly million-year-old specimens is an "anomaly." However, an anomaly is something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.Because radiocarbon exists in significant quantities, far above the least count (margin of error) with our state-of-the-art AMS labs doing the tests, these results can !

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Christians believe the history of the earth to be as stated in Genesis which is God’s direct revelation to us. The museum curator from whose museum the dinosaur bone samples were taken was outraged. Scientists who believe the creation account of Genesis, Chapter 1 are still scientists even if their conclusions differ from the “majority” opinion. Antichristian scientists are not neutral, as they’d have you believe. To understand what it means to “correct” the carbon-14 age using tree-ring methods, take a look at , a site by practicing medical doctor Sean Pitman.

And as reported at Science Direct, short-lived 14c is regularly found even in supposedly billion-year-old diamonds!

The assumption by evolutionary geophysicists proposes that the 14c in diamonds, coal, etc., must have come from neutron capture by carbon-13 or nitrogen-14.

But just like other methods of radiometric dating, scientists can only measure the initial amount of carbon-14 in animals that die today, so they have to make guesses about the initial amounts in animals that 1) died in the past or 2) that they didn’t see die and 3) have no eye-witness accounts about when they died.

They can measure the ratios of carbon-14 to carbon-12 in the atmosphere today. March 4, 1949] But if there were any kind of recent catastrophe — such as a global flood, for example — the atmospheric ratios of the two carbon atoms would probably have changed over time, and would still be changing even now.

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