Direct dating archaeology

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Cactus Hill is an important Clovis period site located on the Nottaway River of Virginia, with a possible pre-Clovis site below it, dated to between 18,000 and 22,000 cal BP.The Pre Clovis site may have been redeposited, and the stone tools are somewhat problematic.Analysis of the coprolites indicate that the Preclovis occupants consumed large, medium, and small mammals, birds and plant resources.The Topper site is in the Savannah River floodplain of the Atlantic coast of South Carolina.

Paisley is the name of a handful of caves within the interior of the American state of Oregon in the Pacific northwest.

Kenady and colleagues that the adult male Bluefish Caves site includes three small karstic cavities, discovered in the 1970s but recently redated.

The earliest established occupation occurred as early as 24,000 cal BP.

Artifacts from the Pre-Clovis levels include lanceolate-like preforms, discoidal cords, blades, and bladelets, as well as a variety of notches, gravers, and scrapers, which excavators suggest are ancestral to Clovis.

Guitarrero Cave is a rock shelter high in the Andes mountains (2580 meters above sea level) in the Ancash region of Peru, where human occupations date to approximately 12,100 years ago (cal BP).

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