Dayanara torres dating anyone

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They quickly fell in love and she agreed to be in a long-distance relationship with him. But every time Yusuf asked his girlfriend for a video call, she would cover her face in a veil.

Now we are waiting to see which treatment I will be receiving." Torres said her sons Cristian, 18, and Ryan, 15, are "a bit scared" but know about her faith in God and that "they have a warrior of a mommy!

Frances Bean Cobain talks Dad Curt Cobain’s suicide, mother Courtney Love, dad’s fortune!

Dayanara Torres continued in the video, holding back her tears,“But if I can help anyone along the way based on my experience, it would be to tell you ... If you see something or feel something different in your body have it checked ...

Now we are waiting to see which treatment I will be receiving but they have already removed a big area from the back of my knee and they have also removed 2 lymph nodes at the top of my leg where it had already spread.

Hoping it has not spread to any more areas or organs.

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