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As soon as I'm moving forward with those, I think I'll start the black and white hat--so I can have a matching hat and scarf this winter! I apologize for the boring nature of this post, but I have to say, it's really helpful for me to see it all written down and semi-categorized.Oh, and you say you'd like to hear about my second date with the guy on Saturday? Somehow, I seem to get along worse with people who think they are super left-wing but are actually a bit to my right politically than with the more truly conservative.

Because I'll be going to Israel in late October for a wedding, I will aim for the niece scarf, nephew gloves and sister-in-law gloves to be done by then.Because my niece is still under five feet tall, I don't have to make it super long.Then again, if she really likes it and wants to wear it for years to come, I should aim for at least five and a half feet.Today the street is still dominated by empty store fronts, carry-out restaurants and check-cashing places. So, I could say, "Hey, sorry about the other night. Yes, we do have more hipsters and I say, THANK YOU hipsters. When he started on this line, I said, "I'm sorry my neighborhood offends you." He paused and then kept right on with the justifying. Haven't heard from him since and, while I admit that I could have been a LOT nicer on our date, and if I wanted things to go forward a very mild apology (probably deserved) would do it.

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