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Its appearance due to the bumpers was considerably altered, the Midget 1500 also featuring a return to the square design of rear wheel arch.In 1976 wire wheels were dropped from the option list.The engines, even when tuned, remain relatively simple and strong, something which can be said of the car in general, although like all late fifties designs, they do suffer from corrosion.This, in common with so many cars of the time, being by far the most expensive problem to overcome.When the TF's successor, the MGA, was being planned, it was considered the car had by now grown too large to be referred to as a Midget any longer, and so the name was dropped, not being revised until the new semi-monocoque car was launched in 1961.

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It was at this point however that all further mechanical development of the model sadly came to a halt, it remaining largely unaltered until 1974, although from the Leyland take-over in 1968 there were minor annual styling updates, mostly irrelevant, starting with the application of much matt black paint, a change in bumper design and rear light clusters, "mag" style Rostyle wheels fitted as standard, and a new pattern of seat material in late 1969.Presumably if you're reading this you are already the owner of an MG, or at least a member of the MGCC, so are familiar with MG's if not necessarily the Midget.Should that be the case and you've ever wondered what they are like, then this is for you.In late 1974 however the car underwent its final and most significant change, for to keep the model in line with the ever increasing safety and emission rules being introduced in the US, heavy energy absorbing bumpers were fitted along with a 1498cc 65bhp engine from the Triumph Spitfire.This engine was chosen as it had previously passed all US emission specification requirements, and it was unlikely the "A" series would without serious development.

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