Dating when you have no friends

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Honestly though, if i had to pick i would choose slightly distant over extremely clingy I think you need to accept that you are shy.

Come on girls will not take guys who don't have friends, they will think you are wack or autistic or something as the reason you don't have friends.

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Most girls have friends and the ones that don't are probably a bit mental.

If you spend a lot of time with successful, ambitious people who look after themselves, you'll probably pick up on their habits and become the sixth.

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It doesn't mean you won't be able to get a girlfriend at all, but it does mean you're unlikely to attract the sort of girls you lust over. TL; DR: not having friends is not an attraction trigger to women but is, in fact, a potential red flag unless you have a good reason for not having friends, e.g. I'm thinking of finding a friend or two this month.

Reason being, it would give me more experience talking to people and make me more interesting.

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