Dating tuco puzzles

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In this year's event, 21 cutters signed up, meaning each cutter would have to make 20 puzzles!

The number of puzzles to be made was initially set to 14 due to the initial estimate, and the organizers, so as not to burden those without spare time, gave the cutters who signed up an option to make either 14 or 20.

Also, I will, if contacted, may add additional information from the cutter if received after the review is posted. I thank all of the puzzle cutters who made these puzzles and those who have responded to my questionnaires. First of all, I thought that this would be a great way to spread the word about the Parleys and the Exchange to other cutters, and second as an educational exercise to become more familiar with "best practices".

Review #1 - September 6, 2012 Puzzle Cutter: David Beffa-Negrini Company: Fool's Gold City: Harrisville NH Website: Butterflies - Front Bountiful Butterflies - Back David has been offering puzzles via Fool's Gold since 1997, making him one of the veteran puzzle cutters of the group.

The puzzle comes in a very nice box with a black and gold pouch with drawstring and a write-up about his company included. None-here, in fact a surprising number of Exchange cutters did not, so yeah maybe it's just me!

David wrote in response "When a person orders a puzzle, I include the piece count on their order form as well as what's crafted in for figurals.

Here’s how they reached that conclusion: Other than the 11’s, the image contains three sets of numbers: 58 and 67, 42 and 50, and 30 and 13.

If you subtract the lows from the highs in the first two sets, you get the numbers 9 and 8. Perhaps Netflix turned the season launch date announcement into a puzzle for fans, but if that’s what happened here, it was awfully easy. In the meantime, I have a “Stranger Things” Season 2 theory of my own.

In this section, I am posting reviews of all 21 puzzles, one a day starting on September 6, 2012.As objectively as possible, I'll be including my own puzzle in the review!The format of the reviews will likely change as I work through the puzzles, I reserve the right to reorganize early reviews to a better format.One of the pieces in the puzzle is a color line cut butterfly and the edges of the piece are aligned extremely well with the picture on both sides. Having the same pictures on both sides made the puzzle a lot more challenging.David has double sided cutting down to a science, there is no tear-out evident on either side, quite nice.

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