Dating tips for lesbians or bisexuals

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If you’re looking for someone you can hang out with in real life, focus your initial energy on hanging out in real life.

On a dating app, this means keeping the conversation brief and centred around when and where you’re going to meet, and then meeting — not making days of small talk and not sexting endlessly into that great night, unless those are the main things you’re interested in.

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This is more of a fun and sort of silly way in which lesbians refer to one another, than some actual, real-life categorization system.

If you don't know how to identify a person, talk to that person and find out what THEY are the most comfortable with.

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Keep it simple, keep it one-on-one, and don’t pick an activity that you’ll want to focus on more than each other (unless all you want is a friend to do that thing with, in which case it’s not really a date is it? Going for coffee or a drink or ice cream or juice or whatever is a default for a reason: if the date goes well, you can easily order another round, and if it doesn’t go well, finishing the first can be a natural conclusion for your time together.

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